EXORIXI S.A. disposes and uses the following specific equipment and systems for providing its services:

➥ Seismographs of digital technology for ground and air vibration monitoring.

➥ Specific software for elaboration and analysis of the vibration monitoring data.

➥ Equipment for noise monitoring.

➥ Equipment for dust monitoring

➥ Specific software for blast design and calculation support.

➥ Systems for Velocity of Detonation (V.O.D.) measurement.

➥ Special initiation systems – blasting machines

➥ Systems for sizing – fragmentation measurement based on computer photo-analysis

➥ Rock fracturing analysis systems

➥ Long range reflectorless LASER Systems for Survey – measurements – Volumetric and blasting support.

➥ Equipment for borehole Surveying and measurement of deviation

➥ Design software and specific applications for digital and conventional representations, creation of 3D-digital models and specific productions.

➥ Support and applications on Geoinformative, Geographic Information Systems, GIS.

Survey equipment for vibration monitors in an aggregate quarry and in a section of ATTIKI ODOS.
Right: Airbags and Airdecking technique during a blasting preparation by Petropigi Excavation – EGNATIA ODOS MOTORWAY.

Equipment for Noise and Dust Monitoring from a control program in an aggregate quarry.

Left: Surveying a marble quarry based on Laser Systems
Right: Surveying of the blasting area A23 with Auto-scanning Laser System.

Equipment for Blasting Vibration Monitoring. From the Program and the Network for the protection of Ag. Ioannis Monastery, in a section of Attiki Odos Motorway.

Data Collection from a Vibration Monitoring network Right: Equipment for Velocity of Detonation (V.O.D.) measurement in blasting conditions.

Measurements before the blasting: Equipment for borehole Surveying and measurement of deviation

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