EXORIXI S.A. is a private company. It was founded in 1996, as the further development of a previous one, under the company name “EXORIXI – ELIAS BALIKTSIS & Associates” operating since 1979.

EXORIXI S.A., staffed with cadres and top experienced executives and collaborators, offers specialized and highly skilled services as blast and extractive works Consultants and Engineers in Technical Projects – Construction, Quarries and Mines, all over Hellas (soon in Cyprus and Bulgaria as well).

EXORIXI S.A. faces, deals with and handles all blasting issues and specific explosive applications with great responsibility and absolutely specified know-how. It also supports excavating activities through employing and using top technology and top equipment from all over the world.

EXORIXI S.A. is a pioneer company, not only in Hellas( * ), but also internationally, with its absolute specification on a wide spectrum knowledge on Scientific and Technical matters, with participations in International Scientific Conferences and its perfect skilled personnel.

EXORIXI S.A. maintains and claims special recognition as a champion both locally and abroad because of: its pioneer technical applications its absolute innovations its paramount spectrum of scientific and technical issues which it manages its skillful, experienced and matriculated staff. Professors and experts from the international society recognize EXORIXI S.A. as belonging to the top 5% of the Blast Consulting Companies of the World. Plain proof of the above is the vast list of our clients, the detailed references of our projects as well as our scientific presentations.

(*) We insist on using Hellas – Hellenic, instead of Greece – Greek. Participation of EXORIXI SA and its Staff Members in Scientific Committies and Organizations:

  • Technical Chamber of Hellas
  • Hellenic Society of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers
  • Hellenic Tunneling Society
  • Hellenic Society of Geographic Information Systems
  • International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEΕ)
  • European Demolition Association (EDA)
  • Surveying Geology Environment Management Society (SGEM)
  • European Federation of Explosives Engineers (EFEE)

ISO 9001:2008 – (en)

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