Our company

Our company was founded in 1996 as an evolution of our previous company that had been operating since 1979.

η εταιρεία μας εξόρυξη ανατινάξεις

Relying on an excellent scientific and technical staff, as well as experienced partners, we offer specialized and high quality services.

We provide Consultancy Services in the field of blasting and mining for a variety of technical projects, quarries and mines throughout Greece.

We have installed and implement an ISO 9001:2015 quality system to ensure the high quality of the services we provide.

Blasting planning and implementation

Long-term experience in the design and execution of blasting, offering safety, reliability and accuracy in every technical project. Our goal is to continuously improve and implement technological innovations to ensure the highest efficiency and accuracy.

Controlled demolitions using explosives

Controlled demolition using explosives is the leading technological practice for demolition works that require precision and efficiency. Demolition using explosives for all kinds of buildings.

Quarries and technical works

We aim to provide services that support the extraction and processing of raw materials, ensuring the smooth operation of the quarries and success in every technical project.

Environmental measurements

Using specialised equipment and expertise, we offer accurate measurements and analyses aimed at complying with environmental standards and maintaining a balance with the natural environment.

Specialised aerial works

With UAS technology, we conduct accurate imaging, providing high-resolution information and images for various applications. Our aerial spraying ensures effective management and protection of the environment, applying advanced techniques to achieve optimal results.

Recent Projects

Explore some of the most recent projects we have completed in various sectors (demolition using explosives, etc.) and areas of Greece.

See some videos of our projects here.